Thursday, July 11, 2013

On Our Way To Summer Vacation

Dear Uganda friends
Hello friends what does your teacher look like? We do not have a crowded classroom I see you have a crowded classroom. My whole class wanted to congratulate you and say good luck on netball for July. We are ending school on June 19th. When do you end school? My class went to a track meet. A track meet is when you and a bunch of other schools compete in field events. We made Tshirts for our principal Mrs.VanNice. We tidied the shirts. The Tshirts had a cancer sign on the back of the Tshirts.
By Rosie

Hello Uganda friends we are not going to be in ms. Cindy's class next year but we will still keep updated with you. We will be in 4th grade. I like ms. Cindy she is a very nice teacher she is very creative who is your teacher why do like her do you have a picture of her. If you do then we would like to see the picture. A lot of us like sports do you like sports why is netball a fun sport? What is a fun thing to do in Uganda? What is it and what is it like. We had a school track meet  it was really fun we got to make our own shirts.

                                                            By Andre and James
Hello are names are Genesis and Tyler. We are good. I feel sad that your classroom is Crowded.Congratulations on netball and good luck in July. We exercises our brain by math and  reading.Are classrom  friend are doing good.

Dear Uganda friends,
How are you? Our names are Austin and Jack. We are glad that you like the iPod. Congratulations on Netball and good luck in July. Our school is fine. How is your school? I am so sorry that you have a crowded classroom. How do you exercise? Me, Austin, I'am 9 years old and Jack is 9 years old.When we get in 4th grade and higher we will still chat with all you good people and great teachers. And our teacher Mrs.Schimel will still chat with you too.
Dear Uganda friends.
We are glad we share this relationship with you guys. Do you like the Ipod? We saw the pic that you took with the ipod. Congratulations on your success with Netball. We all hope you do well in July. How
 do you play Netball, it looks like a really fun sport. What does your teacher look like? What are your school colors. Ours are blue and white.
What are you doing in school? We just had a school track meet, it was awesome! You could do the 50 meter hurdles, 50 meter dash, 100 meter dash,200 meter dash, softball throw, discus,shot put, long jump, javelin, and there where relays.  There was the 4x100, and 8x200.

This picture is Aiden and Andy doing the Usain Bolt pose. He is the fastest person alive and to ever live.

  Dear Uganda friends,
    Our school is going good.
We do exercises every school day. There is also the exercise where you do active stuff like sports. Congratulations on Netball and good luck in July. We are sorry that your classroom is so crowded. We only have one more day of 3rd grade but we will be in 4th grade really soon. We won't have Mrs.Cindy next year we will have a new teacher. We miss you. Bye
Dear friends, 

School is doing well but we only have 1 day left of school  but we will back in September.I get exercise every day by 
reading doing math walking my dog and working out.Congratulations on netball and good luck in July.Do you have summer plans? I do. I am going to a lot of places, too many to name. Well you have heard from me now its my friends turn to say hi.
Your friend, LN

 Dear, friends,
 Hi. All is well here in the USA. For summer I am going to Yellow stone, Wyoming. It will be fun. I will miss you. You are my best friends. Good luck in July. Your friend, CG

Dear Uganda
Congratulations on Netball and good luck in July. What does your teacher look like? Can you send us a picture of her or him? Netball sounds like a fun sport. What kind of instruments do you have. We have LOTS of different instruments. This year we had the 3rd grade track meet. It is really fun to do the events. We also went to McNary dam. Do you go on field trips.  How many people are in your class?
Your friend,

Great job on your netball! Good luck in July! We hope you win. We play a game like netball called volleyball. What other sports do you play? We like to play Baseball, soccer , football. 
     We are leaving for summer vacation soon, but  we will still type. We hope you will still type too. 

Dear Friends from Uganda,
    School is great and tommarrow is the last day of 3rd grade but we will still talk to you on the blog. We will be back in school in September but we will be in 4th grade. How is your school? We take exercises on school days but there is also the exercise that means we are active and we do that in P.E. Congratulations on Netball and good luck in July. We are so sorry that you have a really crowded classroom. I hope we get to see a picture of your teacher and school. After we leave 3rd grade we still get to be your friends and talk on the blog. When we leave 3rd grade we get a new teacher but we will still be able to see Mrs. Cindy we call her Mrs.Schimel. We really miss you. Bye