Monday, August 26, 2013

The Spirit of Reading Starts Here.

Hello everyone,
Greetings from Uganda. It is rainy here, what is it like there in the US? We have recently been busy but thinking about you all the time. We have enough reasons to pride in you all. Thank  you Mrs. Cindy for the courage we have got from you. We have come to realize that it is the fact of this relationship we have that our children have picked the great desire to be at school.
With the simple survey I have taken, all the children who have so far participated in this relationship have not missed school unless it is a serious case of sickness. Those who entirely sleep at school do not take a day without asking me about friends in the USA. This indicates that the communication they make has attracted their interest in being at school all the time. Whereas there are other factors that affect their regular attendance, they always want to be at school.
For this, I would like to continue my appreciation to you for this great work!!!
Thank you for the reading books you donated to us. These books have become a point interest for a number of girls who enjoy reading. From this point, I can realize that the cry of our government and many humanitarian organizations that strive for the girl child education begins here!! Whereas most organizations here and the world over which want to increase girl child education can adopt such tactics to inculcate the interest into the girl child at an early age.
Thank you always and we shall always be proud of you. Thanks to all your other friends in the same struggle.

(Bawalagga Yaledi)


Today we had a community clean up day where we had to move around the community, cleaning and teaching the people about the importance of proper sanitation.
The event was led by primary five pupils. The event was titled "Clean Up Live Healthy"
Do you also have such activities in your community? The next clean up day will  attract the area councilor next month.
We encouraged the community members to value the environment, by avoiding poor disposal of rubbish and human waste to avoid sanitation related diseases. In our area, these are some of the commonest sicknesses that we suffer.
We also encouraged the people to plant trees where possible because the GLOBAL WARMING is a threat to our community and the world as a whole.
"If other people can, then we can"
Written by Rose and Shamirah.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Friends in the US.

 There is nothing better than reading! Because of your support, we shall become the future leaders of our country. Thank you everyone.
From HARRIET (Center in the hind row)
Dear friends,
How are you there? We are fine. we have just finished our term two examinations but they so nice to me. How have you been through the vacation? I have missed hearing from you but I have not also written for long. How is Mrs. Cindy? You know she is our great friend that we cannot forget always. I love using the computer so much.. What do you always do in the vacation? How is you family? when will you start school again?

From your friend in Uganda,  

Hello Rosie, Andy, Logan, Olivia, Tyler, and Lindsay
I an so glad that I got a chance to write to you once again. How has your life been recently? I have been busy with examinations but finally through with them. 
Yes, we had a nice competition in netball and our school won all the games at zone level, and division level.
We also went up to the district level but it became costly that we could not proceed. We have taken photos and you will see them soon. 

How is Mrs. Cindy? Thank all of you for the generous love you have for us!!! I know God will bless you. Send our greetings to all the teachers.
Yours friend,  

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hello my friend,
Aiden and Andy, I hope you are fine. We are fine here in Uganda. It has only been dusty but finally we have some rain but I hate rain again. Some of my friends have problems at home when it rains. How is Mrs.Schimel? We really miss her so much. We have been so so so busy with many examinations for this term. We have had mock examinations. I hope you had a nice Track Meet! I also like the track but I am not so good. When do you have to be back to school? 
We shall soon post some of the pictures here on the blog. 
sen my greetings to all the teachers at your school. 

Dear my friends, 
How are you there? I konw you are fine. we are fine also. It is sad that you will leave Mrs. Cindy`s class. will you still met her? I hope so because she is a very beautiful teacher. I also wish she was my teacher here. 
I love using a computer and when I grow up, i will get a copmuter. How is the vacation? I hope you have enjoyed a lot.
Stay well my dear 
We shall write to you again. 
Your friends in Uganda,     


Hello friends,
It is nice that we have again got the chance to talk to you. We have been so busy with examinations but finally they are done. i hope you are fine. Thank you so much for the books you sent us!!! They are so good to read.
Now that I am a little free with no examinations, i will be spending enough of my time to read them. How is the vacation? They have told us that you are still on holidays. We shall have just a very short term holiday and then we start  our term three.
Please send our greetings to all the friends there, more so to our lovely friend, Mrs. Cindy.
Your Ugandan friend,

Hi my friends,
It is Lillian once again. Sorry that we have been away for so long but I hope you are fine there. we cannot have enough words to show our friendship. How are your families and school? I hope you will be back to school so soon. It is sad that our bracelets have not yet arrived here but the books are already here!! Thank you a lot for showing us that much love!!! 
I always feel proud to write to you all.
Wish you the best of luck,

From Nantambi Lillian.