Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hello American friends,
How are you doing? We love you so much in Uganda. We have not celebrated the mothers' day in Uganda because some of us do not have a mother. I do not know if each of you has a mother? Does Miss Cindy also still have a mother? She must be happy if she has. I also still have my mother and I am so happy because a mother is so good.

Have you done any tests this term? What have you been doing recently? We are getting ready for beginning of term II tests.

From your friends,

Mothers' day in Uganda.

Dear Lea and Kasen,
Thank you for writing to us. We always enjoy reading from this blog. Yes, some of us here have mums but some do not have. But even those with mums do not celebrate the mothers' day.
How do you celebrate the mothers' day? Do you have to buy them some gifts?

Also we do not play the softball and baseball. We play football and netball. We do long jump and short put.
We also have many pests like those flies and we spray them because they spread diseases like cholera.
From Tracy Nalubwama.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Dear friends,
It was nice hearing form you. It has been a long while for since I wrote on this blog. I have been busy with lots of new subjects.  I am however doing very well in my new school.
I tell you what; last year I got in touch with my mother after a long period of around 8 or 9 years. I was really very happy because I missed having  a mother. Whereas I am not staying with her, I feel so happy that she is still there. I thought she had died but really amazing that she still lived.
Oh, I really do not celebrate mothers' day here in Uganda and not many people know about it at my school.
It is really very bad not to have a mum because mums are very good.

It is me in my new uniform for a secondary school. Thank you everyone for loving us. How are you doing miss CINDY.
Your friend,

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Dear friends,
Thank you for writing back to us. We always love to read from this blog.
I hope you enjoyed the "Mothers' day". Actually it is amazing, I did not even hear about that this time. Actually I do not have a mother but even those with a mother do not celebrate the Mothers' day here.
Does everyone of you celebrate Mothers' day in the United States?
Your friend,

Friday, May 8, 2015

From Nickolai

Hello Uganda. A couple of you wanted to know if Locusts are over in Pendleton and the answer is no but we do have a pest called a fly. They eat our food and poop on it and they bother us a lot! I have one quesution for you, do elephents  and giraffes live neer by? If they do how much damage do they cause? Oh, and I learned how to speek your language I think Wasuze otyanno Julias. I think that meens hello Julias. Am I correct?

From Nick

Questions for Uganda

     Thank you for responding to the locust and no we don't have locust. We know not all of you have a mother but if you don't we feel bad but if you do, we would like to know if you celebrate Mother's Day?
     We do have some pests we have flies. Flies really bother us. Do you know what softball is or maybe baseball? Well if you don't we'll tell you. Softball or baseball is a kind of sport when you run a lot. I play softball and it's my favorite sport. I like other sports but it's softball season. 

                Your Friends,
                      Lea and Kasen

From Alison

Thank you for writing back about the locust. I guess they really are pests. We do not study these in school but they really are pests at home. They are fly's. Fly's get in your house and they buzz around your face and your food. I can not stand them. Do you have them in Uganda?  There are other pests like mosquito's. They are little bugs that bite you and leave little bumps on your skin that are very itchy. This Weekend is Mother's Day so my aunt is coming down for the weekend.  Our class is doing the smarterbalance next week. Do you do state test at your school.

Your friend,

Dear Uganda Friends

     Thank you for answering our questions about locusts. We are so happy to write back to you guys. Do you celebrate Mother's Day? We now some pests but we don't study them. Some of them are ants, flies  some others. We are getting ready to have school end. How much rain do you guys get? Do you have any pets? We have pets and one of them is a pig. He is cute.
     Your Frineds OG and Corrina 

Hi friends

Thank you for giving us informashon about the locus. In the United states we don't get any  locus. I now some people in Africa don't have a mom but if you do, do you celebrate Mother's Day and if you do how do you celebrate Mother's Day? Hey Lawrence, thanks for writhing to us we realy liked it. Has it started raning yet in Uganda and how many days in a row dos it rain in Uganda?  What is one thing you like to do? 

From Kyah and Aubrey

Uganda Friends

     Hi it is Freddie and Claire.We read your blog about locusts and you all know a lot about them. This Sunday is Mother's Day and we wondered what you do for it and we know some of you don't have parents but what do you do for Mother's Day? Me and Freddie wish we could see you but our parents probably won't let  us go all the way to Africa. My uncle went to Africa for his honey moon and he saw a lion eat a zebra and he said that was the scariest thing he saw there. When he was in Africa a giraffe licked him. Do any of those animals live by you?

So how are you doing? We are fine and right know in school we are taking SBAC and that stands for smarter balance tests. Me and Freddie love the blogs about locusts.

       From Claire and Freddie