Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dear Lovely Friends,

Dear friends in US,
We wish you all a very happy new and a Merry Christmas. We are really sorry that we have taken long to write to you. We have really appreciated the great love you have shown us the whole year. Thank you all. Miss Cindy ad all the teachers have given us great care.

Wishing you a very Meryy X- mas and happy 2015

Your young friends in Uganda,
Nulu and Rabiha.

Merry X- mas dear Allison, Delaney, Tatum and Kamdyn.

Dear our friends, Allison, Delaney, Tatum, Kambree and Kamdyn.
We have been missing to write to you because this has been a busy term for us all. We have done more tests and exercises so we did not have space at all. What have you been doing the last few months? I hope you are all health. We are good at Great Valley.

I was saying to my friend last week that we are so lucky to have friends in your school. The computer you gave to us has been so good to me because I have learnt how to type fast. I will be making more practice.
How is Miss Susan and Miss Cindy? We really miss them so much. How is Josh, Andrew, Tyler, Ryatt and all friends. Which class are you now? I have now finished my primary Leaving Examinations so I am hoping to go to senior school next year if God wishes.

Are already in a senior school now?

Your friend,

Hello Lindsay and Genesis.

Hello Lindsay and Genesis,
How have you been doing recently. We are really sorry that we did not write to you for so long. We have had a busy school term because we were preparing for the end of year examinations but finally we have finished them.
We have missed writing to you but fortunately, here we are now. How has your school year been? Are you still going to Miss Cindy's class? We have now done our end of primary examinations and I hope God will be with us so we can go to school after here. My dream is to become a doctor so how I wish I can get it. What do you want to become when you are grown? How has your dad and mum been doing recently? Please say hello to them and wish them a Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Bye my dear friends,
Your friend at Great Valley

I love to Dance.

This is always my favorite activity to do when I am not in class. 
One day I wish you come and see how I dance.
From Diana.

Siara, Jaderia and Olivia.

Hello Jaderia, Olivia and Siara
It has been long since I wrote to you. We have been doing many tests and examinations for the end of year but now we are done with them. I was missing to write to you but finally here I am. I am now very good at typing and I love using the computer. Thanks a lot for being our lovely friend in the USA. How is Miss Cindy and Susan.

I know you are on your Chistimas holiday now so I want to send to you my sincere wishes for Christmas and best wishes for the 2015.
 Say hello to all you family and friends,

From your friends in Uganda,

Hello Logan & Rosie.

Hello Rosie and Logan,
How are you doing now? We had taken long without seeing you on the blog. We really have been busy too. This time I am free because I finished my examinations last November and I am hopeful I will pass highly.

What have you done recently? Are you still going to this very school or you are now in another school? How is your dad and mum? Say hello to them for me and wish them a merry x-mas and happy new year.

From your Ugandan friend,


Hello Kendall and Rylie
How are you now.We have really been thinking about you but sometimes we have been so busy with lots of work. I hope you too have been busy. Are you still going to McKay Creek Elementary School? It has been long since we wrote to you. We have now finished our primary seven examinations and if things go well, we shall also go to secondary school next year. How are you really doing these days? How is Miss Cindy? Say hello to her for us. We all love her so much.

Say hello to dear Madeline, James, Caleb Devan, Tucker and Patrick. We miss them so much.
We also wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

From your friends in Uganda,
Shakira and Annet.

Dear friends, thank you so much for being our friends.

Dear friends, and Mrs. Cindy, 
How have you been these days? I am fine and I think you are also fine. In Kampala, it is somewhat hot. How is the weather in your town? Thank you so much for the gifts you have always sent us.I am now good at using the computer you gave us.  We are really very proud of you. How I wish Mrs. Cindy also came along with Mrs. Susan.We loved seeing her when she came here.  How are you our friends, Kendall,Bradley, Ashley, Mitchell,Hazen, Mason, Dawson, Olivia, Connor,Phillip,Jimmy, Tegan, Riley, Amaya,Clayson, Taya, Trinity, Dyland, Chloe, Brielle, Grace, Sabrina, Summer, Aubrey,Andrew, Aiden,  It  has been long time when we heard from them. I hope all is going on well with you. 

 We shall have done lots of tests in the last school term because we were preparing for PLE.
My favorite subject is mathematics,and I have always scored within 90s.
Thank you ever for the love and care.
 We also love you so much, and have always thought about you.

Yours sincerely,
Lillian & Prosy 

Merry X- Mass dear friends.

To you all our friends; you have been a blessing to us and the entire community around us. We have got countless benefits from our partnership! Most important is the knowledge you share with us! We still hope for a long term love and care so we shall have you on our hearts through our lives.

We take this chance to wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy new year dear friends.

Your friend in Uganda,

Rogers and Regan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello friends,
The school year has ended here in Uganda; are you still in school for this year? We really thank you for the great support and friendship we have had through this year.
You have been the point of courage and hope for us. We pray for the continued friendship and love in the years to come.

We send you our sincere season's greetings and best wishes for the new year.

Bawalagga Yaledi (Teacher at GVCC).

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas dear friends.

Hey friends, it is a great festive season, we hope you enjoy and have lots of fun.

Fly our greetings to all your families.

Your friends in Uganda,
Vivian, Lillian, Prossy, Harriet and Derrick.