Monday, March 31, 2014

Ugandan Flag

Have a look at our Ugandan Flag. Each of the colors has a meaning.
Yellow means the abundant sunshine that we have in Uganda.
Black means the color of Ugandans.
Red means the brotherhood.
There is a Crested Crane in the middle which symbolises that Uganda and her people are humble, it is also standing on one leg indicating that Uganda still needs support. The Cranes shows that it is moving on, indicating that Uganda is moving forward.
I love Uganda so much.
Matovu Deo. 

 This is the flag of the East African Community. It is where we find countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.
Geographically, it is only Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania that are found in the East Africa, but Rwanda and Burundi have now become member countries.
I love studying about Geography and History. My teacher for Social studies is called Mr. Bosco and he is so good.
From your Ugandan friend,
Isabirye Sharif.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hey Dylan and Helen,
My name is Helen and I am a girl. I go to school at Great Valley and I am going to tell you about what we are studying now. We are learning about finite system and I have enjoyed it so much. Like numbers we do are like this,
 3-4 = x (Finite 5) They can ask you to find the value represented by x. The value of x will be 4. Do you do such math? 3+4= x (Finite 5), here the value of x is 2. It is really very interesting. I have many friends and some of them are Helen, Rita, Sharon, Linda and many more.


Dear my friends, MALORY and Sidney. My name is Kato and I am a boy. You look so great and I liked you photos.  I love writing to you but I was not able before. My favorite color is yellow and blue. I love red as well. Thank you dear friends for sending us some gifts. We really liked them. How is Miss. Cindy and Miss. Susan? How about Mrs. Pat? We love the computer that we have.
I like reading the books and also playing football but I no longer play it because I am sickly all the time. I have sickle cell anemia so I do not have to do such heavy things. My brother is called Wasswa and he is my twin brother. I love him so much and he also has the same disease. But we always get some medicines to take. Do you have any twin brother or sister. Most surprising is that our mother is also a twin. She is called Miss Nakato and her sister is called Babirye.

Hello DEMI, how are you doing? I pray that you are well. It is your friends WINNIE AND GLADYS. We are both in primary six but I think you can only say form / grade six. I(Winnie)am 10 years and my friend Gladys is 11 years. I (Winnie)have no sister or brother and I do not have a mother or a father. I stay near our school with my grandmother but my (Gladys)stays with his dad and one sister and a brother. I am so sad that her mum died last year when we were still in primary five. We both like to read and also play netball. But Gladys is fatter than me. When I read your letters, I realize that almost everyone of you has a pet animal but in Uganda, or at our school, none of us has a pet. I really do not know why?
By the way, how is TRIPP and TEAGAN? They both have nice names.


Hey dear Luke, Conner, Mason, Clayson, Jack and Dylan,  how are you there? I am fine here and we are all enjoying our school. We have just finished some examinations but there are more coming. I always want to work hard so as to get good marks because it is always good to excel.
Yes, I also like animals and in Uganda we have different kinds of animals like the elephants, lion, donkeys, horses, monkeys, Hynas, antelopes, hipos, and lots more. There is a national park that is called Queen Elizabeth National game park in the west of Uganda but also Kidepo national game park in the North where you can find these animals. I have not gone there but I know there are animals. Many people can always go there. I like going to the source of the River Nile and see the water falls.
By your friend,

My name is also REBECCA and I am in primary seven at Great Valley. I like going to school because I enjoy being with my friends. I am lucky that I come just near the school so it does not take me long before I get to school. Thank you for writing to us, we are always so happy to read about you. I see that I am enjoying to be at school. My favorite food is Matooke [bananas] and fish and also the chicken. I do not know what the candy look like but I think they are so delicious. My favorite subject is mathematics and science and my teachers are Mr. Bawalagga and Robert. Who is your best friend at school? My friends are Harriet, Lillian, Shamim and Sharon. I have others in other classes.
your friend, REBECCA.
Dear Taya. How are you doing these days? I hope you are doing so fine. I am also very fine and so happy to write to you our friends. You look so beautiful and happy.
My name is Desire and really I also like Pork very much. But in our school we do not eat pork because there are many Muslim students and according to their religion, they never eat pork. I do not know if you also have kinds of religion in your school. Other students are Catholics and some are protestants. I am a catholic and now it is period of fasting in Uganda. Do you like school and what do you want to be when you are old?
We study mathematics, science, English and Social studies.
from your Ugandan friend,

Hello Carter

Dear Carter,
My name is Lawrence and I am in primary five. I like all the subjects that we study at school. I play football at school and also dance in the choir. You say you like playing American football, but I do not know how to play that kind of football. I think you must be good at it. How is your mum and what is her name? Is she also a teacher like Miss. Cindy? I am sure she is also very good. What about your dad?  I also have a brother and one sister. But we all stay at school because I have never seen my mum, I do not know if she died or not, but my dad has never returned ever since he went to south Sudan before there was war. I hope he will return some day. In Uganda, it has begun raining heavily. When Mrs. Susan came to our school, it was so hot and there was no rain then and there was a lot of dust. If you got the chance to come to Uganda, I will take you to my favorite place, called the source of the Nile. At this place you can see water falling down very fast. The Nile is the longest river in the world. Which rivers do you have in USA? There are a lot of things in Uganda that I want you to come and see. There is a zoo where you can go and see animals. We actually have parks where there are many animals but me too have never been to the park but I have been to the Zoo. Have you been to a zoo?


Hi Riley,
How are you doing? My name is Jonah and I am a boy. I go to school at Great Valley and in primary six. I have the best teachers and friends in class Some of my friends are going to write to you also and some have already written .At my school, we eat lunch at 1:00 pm and we always eat posho and beans. Posho is something made from maize flour when mingled in boiling water. It is a white food and I like it so much. You people are really very good and God must be happy with you. Thank you a lot for our gifts and the food you donated. How is Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Cindy? I think they are very good people in the world. We love the computer that they gave us.
From your friends in Uganda, Bill.
Hello Kendall and Trinity. How are you doing there? We love you so much. I love using the computer because there are many things we have learnt using the computer. I am not so fast at using it but I love using it. Thanks to Mrs. Pat and her friends for this gift of the year. Our school is the best now!!!.
We also like music and on Good Friday, we always have a party where we sing and dance together at school. We have drums that we use at school. I wish you can come and see us perform one day.
Arafat. K.

Hello US friends,
It is so interesting that I am writing to you also. My name is Shanita Naluwooza, I am a girl and I go to school at Great Valley Children's Center. I am in primary four. I have one sister called Mitchell and she also goes to my school. I love her so much but she is in Baby Class. Our school starts at Baby Class (Kindergarten) I love going to school because my friends are at school. Do you like going to school also? How is our friend Mrs. Cindy? Say hello to her and tell her that we love her so much.
Bye our friend,