Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dear US Friends.

Hello everyone,
It has been so long since we heard from you!! How have you been recently? Oh, a lot has been happening. We have been doing some tests since the new term and now we have some space. what have you done at school this term? How is Miss Cindy? which class are you in now. Me I am in primary five now. My name is Namugerwa Eva. I love going to school to meet my friends. What are you studying now? In mathematics, we are studying Integers and Number line.

Hello Claire, Summer and Miss Tania.

Hey friends,
Hi, it's Cindy. I am in Primary four. I am so happy that I got two friends who sent me many presents. Summer and Claire. Thank you so much. Their mum did a lot. She is called Ms Tania. I got a lot of love and care.
I love you so much Miss Cindy and Miss Tania and Claire and Summer.

Your lovely friend,
Nasimbwa Cindy.