Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey Paige,
My name is Victoria. I like my name because the largest lake in Uganda is called Lake Victoria. Your name is so nice too. How are you doing these days? Thank you so much for sending me a nice card. You did a great job to design it. YOU  are so good at drawing, not like me.
In class we are studying about sets in mathematics. What about you?
Please say hi to all your  friends and Miss Cindy. One of my best friends in class is also called Cindy so I like that name so much.
Your Ugandan friend,

Dear Claire

My name is Cindy. Thank you so much for sending me a beautiful card. I will always cherish it. I am in primary four now but last year I was in primary three. I love reading and also playing netball. I am on the junior netball team that will be playing in the next month of April. What are you doing these days.

Primary Four Children with their cards.

Dear friends in the USA, we are always delighted to share with you our lives. We say we are so fortunate to have met you. The children of primary four were very happy to receive cards from your side. This is just a small portion of primary four. Whereas they have a small classroom, there are 81 pupils altogether.
They all say, thank you and always keep in touch.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I am Now in Secondary, Oh, thanks To GOD.

Hello friends. My name is Prossy. How are you doing. I have been away since last year. I just started school again after sitting for my Primary Leaving Examinations last November, results were so excellent and I am glad that even in my new class, I top the class. A class of 189 students, I am the best!! Thanks to my teachers who did a lot for me to be like this. They are really my parents that I pride in. I am so fortunate to have a loving teacher. I am now going to school again!!! Thank you dear God. I feel so proud while in my new secondary School Uniform.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Hike

Easy Blog Photo

This weekend I went for a ten mile hike along the John Day River and thought it would be fun to show you what it was like. The weather was perfect being in the mid 60's. The trail was really more of a dirt road than a trail. Most of the time we could see the river. It is not a big river but it is big enough for us to float down someday. We were hoping to see mountain sheep or a bald eagle, but unfortunately we didn't see any this time. We saw a few people fishing and did get to see a man pull out a good size bass fish. He was excited and it was fun to watch. On the drive home I was tired but the sunset was beautiful and I can't wait to go on another hike.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

100 Days of School and 100 Year Old Students

We have been in school for 100 days this year so we decided to dress up as 100 year old people. 
Then we used an app to age us even more. 

Hello Friends

Dear USA friends,
How are you doing these days? How are your studies? At school we have just begun our new academic year and so far things are moving on well. I was promoted to the new class and this will be my last year in primary. When I sit for my PLE in November, it will be the end of primary. What is your last class at McKay Creek Elementary School? I have missed you a lot. I have also missed to hear from Miss Cindy
y. I hope you are all doing well.
In Uganda, it has been hot, with temperature going up every day but so soon rains are starting.
From your Ugandan friend,

I AM SO SO SO SO.................... HAPPY.

Hey friends,
How have you been doing recently? It has been long for me to write to you. I hope you are doing well. I have good news that last year I sat for my PLE and scored good grades.  A lot of my friends scored good grades. We had 41 firs grades in total. This was so fantastic. What are you up to these days? Are you still in primary school or you graduated to high school? I have not yet started high school but chance is there that I will get there. My teachers are still looking for some help so we may all go to school again. A few of my friends have so far got the chance so I am praying hard too.So help and continue to bless my teachers for the good work done.
How is Miss Cindy doing? What about Miss Susan? I do remember her when she visited our school last year. Say hi to all of them.
Your friend in Uganda,


Dear friends,
So sorry that we have been away for so long. How is your life? Which class are you now? Last year I sat for my Primary Leaving Examinations. I was so happy that I passed so well. I scored 06 aggregates in total out of the four major subjects we did.  Distinction(D) 1  in mathematics, D1 in science, D2 in English and D2 in Social studies. This means I scored between 95%- 100% in mathematics in Mathematics and Science and between 90% - 94% in the other two. It was really good of me because I worked so hard. My teachers did a lot of work for us. We had enough revision with them.
I hope to start secondary school so as I get the opportunity. I trust that my teachers will do enough to find me a scholarship in senior school.
Your lovely friend,