Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey American friends,
I hope you are doing so fine. Recently you wondered if we celebrate the mothers' day.  Actually I have just come to learn about this day in Uganda because I did not know about it before. I have learned that there is also a fathers' day but in Uganda I see no people who celebrate that day. How do you celebrate it? What do you do on that day? For my case I am lucky that I have a mom but she did not know about her day too. I taught her that there is a mothers' day and she did not mind so much. Oh, maybe this is a great shame for me that I do not know many of these things. I am going to learn many things now. I have found that there is also the  International Labors' day and also the International Water day!!
From Rabiha.

Hello Friends in US.

Dear friends,
How have you been in the past days? We are fine in Uganda. Recently we got a new development at our school. Our compound has been improved and now there is not much dust and mud!!! This is so great. We used to have lots of mud and dust every day and when it rained, it was so terrible but now our teachers put there pavers and we are relaxed.
Is there any new thing in your school? How is Miss Cindy and Miss Susan? Say hello to them.
Your friend in Uganda,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Uganda Friends

Hi Uganda,

Miss Schimel is good and this week we have been learning about new fun stuff to do at recess . One fun thing that we learned is 4 square. It is where you get in to 4 little squares and one person serves the ball and if the ball hits the line you are out. If people argue and they call you out then you do a redo. By Kasen Nathan