Friday, November 16, 2018

Hello Friends in US.

Dear USA friends. How are you doing in the America? We did not write to you for so long! We have been doing lots of examinations. What have you been doing?

How is ms Cindy and all the teachers? We have two new teachers in our school. Do you have any new teacher in your school?

Written By Nabanjala Betty.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

USUG Friends.

Dear US friends,
How are you doing. My name is Lyton and I am in  primary seven now. Which class are in now? Im happy that I also got this  opportunity to write to you. I just joined this school last year in p.6 but I an happy that this is really a great school and every teacher loves you. I had no chance to write to you becuase we have only one computer and we are so many. Our class has 94 children and you can come in early to find space to sit in.There is a new class but it is also school. I do not like to stand when we are learning so I get to school so early.
How did you spend your time of Easter? We had a big party on Good Friday but we really enjoyed the day.
Please send my greetings to all the friends in USA.
By the way,  I still think Mr. Obama is the president of America. I think I will learn later.
Your nwe friend

It is me Jasimine.

Hy there,
My name is Deborah, I am new in Great Valley. I come from Democratic Republic de Congo. I ran out of de Congo because of war. My dad and my sister die on the way but  i  am luck that I do not die. I love to study noww and I have nice tieachers. 
I am studying english now and Iam getting good marks now.
Your new friend called


Hi sweet friends,
What are you up to now? So long without writing to you on the blog. Oh, we have done a lot of tests and  examinations since the year begun. We have many activities in the term and we could not find some time to write to you. Because we are so  many on the computer,  we cannot easily share it.
How  many are you in your class now?
Can you imagine we are so many  many in our classroom. Sometimes you just have to stand because you cannot not find some free space to sit in.  I sit with seven children on a desk  and you feel bad when they push you. Do you use a desk also? My teacher does not want me to sit with my  best friends on the same desk because we can talk a lot. I like mathematics so much and also English.
I like to dance, and play netball. By the way, we worn the divisional Netball Trophy for the sixth time in order.
What do you like to play?
From your friend,


Dear everyone at McKay Creek Elementary School. We are so grateful that we are still in touch with you. How are you doing there in USA? It has been pleasure for us to hear from you again. I cannot forget the experience I have accumulated from this blog posts. Thanks to Miss Cindy and our teacher Mr. Bawalagga Yaledi.  I am now in a secondary school but it was all his effort. Many of my new friends in the secondary school admire me because I always  tell them about the posts I used to make while at Great Valley.
I have not met any one of you but I feel the pleasure just when I go to my old school and we have to talk about this relationship we share. Many of my new friends come to visit GVCC because they say I know more than they know.

It is still my prayer that we come one day and visit you at your school. Especially Miss Cindy and Miss Susan.
Please stay blessed,
Your old friend,

Hello Big Friends in USA

My name is Madrine and I am in primary five. It is my first time to write to you but I have found it enjoying.
Which class are you in now? What do you like to eat?
How did you spend your Easter Sunday in USA? We had a big party on Good Friday and we had a lot of dances. Our class was the last but we were also good.
Primary four was the best performers of the day.
Do you have a music class or group at McKay Creek? I wish we can come at perform at your school.
Who is your other teacher? Can you imagine we only know Miss Cindy! We have many teachers at our school. My best teacher is teacher Bawalagga Yaledi but at school we call him MTC because we likes to teach us mathematics and he encourages us so much. Math is actually my best subject.

What are you studying now?
My other teachers are Mr. Bernard, Mr. Edward, Mr. Bosco, and Ms. Sarah.

Good Friday.

Hey friends,
It has been long since we sent you a message. We are so happy that we are still great friends. I wish one day you will come to see us.
Do you like dancing? On good Friday we had a lot of dances and music at our school. It was so great for me to act as the Minister for Children's affairs. I worn a certificate and many of my friends were great performers of the day. What did you do on Good Friday?
How was your Easter Sunday?

From your friend,