Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Dear everyone at McKay Creek Elementary School. We are so grateful that we are still in touch with you. How are you doing there in USA? It has been pleasure for us to hear from you again. I cannot forget the experience I have accumulated from this blog posts. Thanks to Miss Cindy and our teacher Mr. Bawalagga Yaledi.  I am now in a secondary school but it was all his effort. Many of my new friends in the secondary school admire me because I always  tell them about the posts I used to make while at Great Valley.
I have not met any one of you but I feel the pleasure just when I go to my old school and we have to talk about this relationship we share. Many of my new friends come to visit GVCC because they say I know more than they know.

It is still my prayer that we come one day and visit you at your school. Especially Miss Cindy and Miss Susan.
Please stay blessed,
Your old friend,

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