Tuesday, May 9, 2017

USUG Friends.

Dear US friends,
How are you doing. My name is Lyton and I am in  primary seven now. Which class are in now? Im happy that I also got this  opportunity to write to you. I just joined this school last year in p.6 but I an happy that this is really a great school and every teacher loves you. I had no chance to write to you becuase we have only one computer and we are so many. Our class has 94 children and you can come in early to find space to sit in.There is a new class but it is also school. I do not like to stand when we are learning so I get to school so early.
How did you spend your time of Easter? We had a big party on Good Friday but we really enjoyed the day.
Please send my greetings to all the friends in USA.
By the way,  I still think Mr. Obama is the president of America. I think I will learn later.
Your nwe friend

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