Friday, December 11, 2015

Hello from ERON

Hello our lovely friends,
we are sorry that we could not write to you because we have been so busy with end of year examinations. Have you also done the examinations? Which class are you in now? for me I am in primary five now. I passed my tests very well.
I love Christmas season very much. I will watch a film about the birth of Jesus. Have you watched the film of Jesus? It is so interesting.  What are you going to eat for Christmas? Me I will eat bananas(matoke), rice, fruits and sodas.  What do you normally do after church?
By your friend in Uganda,


Hello friends in Miss Cindy's Class,
How are you all doing?  In our class we are doing so fine and we have just finished the school term. We did a lot of examinations and I was promoted in the new class. I am now in primary six for the new year. Which class will you be in next year? Have you done your examinations yet?  Has it been raining in Oregon this month,  because in our town it has been raining every day in the morning.  Until Christmas it will be raining.  What are you going to do on Christmas? Me and my friends will go to church and pray. Some of my friends will even sing in the church in Sunday school.
Do you also like to sing in Church.

I also like to use the computer so much because I can use it for writing in color . My best color is red. What is your best color? Do you also have a computer in your school?  Mrs. Cindy gave us this computer and we all love to use it.
We all wish you a Merry X-mass and Happy New Year.
By your friend in Uganda,
Nabukeera Joyce.


Hello friends,
We are getting ready for Christmas, On Christmas I will first go to church and right now we are making rehearsals  in  our  Christmas carols. We shall have to sing in the Sunday School on the Christmas day. What are you going to do on Christmas? In Uganda we do not have Santa that takes gifts to people.
Will you go to church on Christmas? What do you eat on Christmas? We eat matooke, rice, chicken, beef and vegetables.  This is the best season of the year I ever get. What is your best season of the year?
By your Ugandan friend,

Hello Friends, it is Christmas.

Hello Nessa,
How are you doing? You have a nice name. My name is  Victoria. I am in primary 4 but next year I will be in primary 5. Which class are you in now? How is Miss Cindy and all friends in your class.
I like Christmas season so much because I play with my friends and we all go to church and we sing in the Sunday school choir. In our school Santa does not come to give us gifts.
How is mum and your dad? Do you have a sister or a brother? Me I have a sister and one brother. My sister goes to p.6 but she will be in p.7 next year and my brother goes to p.1
I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.
From your friend,

Hello Nessa

Dear Nessa,
I love Christmas so much. I love Christmas because I visit many friends. I also sing on a stage in church. Do you ever sing in the church choir? What do you plan to do for Christmas?  I do not want Christmas to come with rain because I will not move out of the house. Do all people in the USA celebrate Christmas? Here some people especially the  Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. But  I love Christmas because Jesus was born on Christmas.  Which Church do you go to?
From your Uganda friend,  Claire.