Saturday, December 7, 2013

You made us what we are now!!!

Dear friends,
How are you all? we think about you all the time but sometimes we cannot write to you. We know that you are fine. We are also fine. It has been examination time but we have now finished them. When do you have examinations in your school? How are your teachers? How is Mrs. Cindy, our favorite teacher in your school? I hope you are all doing well.
We are really proud of you all. We have not meat you face to face but we love you so much. We are believing in a better future because of our relationship with you! Thank you so much for being our friends.
How is Olivia, Patrick, Logan, Caleb, Devan, Tucker, Aiden, Kamdyn, Andy, Jack, Jaderia, Delaney, Tyler, Kambree, Anders, Rylie, James?
We really miss to hear from you all.
From Diana
How are you all at McKAY School? send my greetings to friends like Genesis, Andre, Madeline, Kendal, Ryatt, Ethan, Olivia, Luce, Rosie, Lucy, Emma, Siara, Lindsey, Tatum, Joshua, Jacob, Austin and Mrs. Schimel. I think you are now in a new class but we still love you so much.
It is hard that we can forget to think about you every time.
We wish you all a very Merry X-timas and happy new year.


Hello friends, We have taken long while off our blog but now we get some times especially when our teacher brings for us the computer. You know we do not have a permanent computer for use at school so sometimes it is hard to write to you.
The last few days were busy days for writing our end of year examinations but we have now finished. I am happy that they were all good and I am sure we shall all pass them. This means that next year we shall be in new classes but we shall still write to you our dear friends.
In a few weeks, it will be my favorite season of the year and this is Christmas!!!! Do you also like Christmas? I really like this time of the year and many people like it also. I like to sing Christmas songs and we are happy that our teachers will organize for all of us a party that we all enjoy together with those who live at school all the time.
Let me now wish everyone of you a very nice Christmas celebrations.
Your friend in Uganda,