Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Our Lovely friends, we are happy tp meet you.

Hey, my friend Allison,
My name is NAMUDDU SHAKIRA. I am a girl, I have short black hair. I have really enjoyed reading the letter you posted on our teacher,s computer. Today we have been with him and he showed us everything you do. We also saw all the activities you do in your class. It is really very amazing!!!! I wished we shall be able to do the same when our iPod camera comes to us soon. He said it will come soon. You seam to enjoy your class so much. The BOB sounds so fun!!! If we had a library we would also do that. i wish you came to our school and you see us. I am happy that you have a dad and mom. I am not certain of my dad and mom but I stay at school and in holidays, I have to go to my jaaja ( Grand mother). Oh, netball is really a great sport for me. It is where 14 girls, seven on either sides play against each other. 1 girl will through the ball to the team mate and the other will receive it by hands and again to the next team mate but if you never hurry to get it and the opponent  gets it, then you have lost it. you have to score into a long goal post with a ring of the size of the ball. If it gets into, you have scored. The side that scores more goals wins. It is kind of hard to explain but when the camera comes we shall send you a real video as we play. Bye my dear friend Allison.....

Hi friend, my name is NAMANDA SHAKIRA. The Shakira above is my great friend and we sleep together at school. I was all along wondering how my teacher used to talk to Mrs. Cindy but now i know. It was really hard for me to write fast on  the computer but when we get computers at our school, i will always try to practice because this first time took me so long!!!!!. How is your school? My school is really fun. We play Netball every day in the evening and i am on the school team. What is yummy? Ice cream is very good but I never eat it at all. I wish to eat it some day. we had a party last time at our school saying bye to our primary seven candidates. It was fun and we danced until late. 

Posho is never my favorite food but it is matooke (Bananas) and fish and chicken. Do you know bananas? They are so good for me. If you come to Uganda, I will be happy to prepare them for you. Is this some thing possible for you to come to Uganda? Our school has a big choir and we shall be happy to dance for you. I do not dance so perfectly like my  friends but i try. Do you know how to dance?

Hello friends in the US. we are so glad to talk to you. Our teacher was showing us your school and class and I was really moved and i felt like jumping to come over and meet you. You should be lucky to have all this nice class .. Send my greetings to Mrs. Cindy. Her name is so nice and i want to call myself Cindy also. But my name is Linda. I am a small girl. I saw you have a nice picture. Who are the other students you were with in the photo? I now know how you look like. For you my friend Kendal Moore. 

Yes, i like reading so much. We do not have BOB but i think it can be a good challenge for me to enjoy the reading more. if we had books at school i would always like reading them especially stories. 

Dear Patrick, 

How is your school? My school is just too hot now. It will start to rain in March but i never like to much rains again. Yes we have many animals and I like animals so much. I am not yet good at using computer so i will not write much now. do you know elephants? It is my best animal. We have dogs, lions, Zebras ,Girraffe also my best animal. 
Yours, NULU. 

I am not so good yet to write on the computer but i loved the writing!!! Thanks to Mrs.Cindy and my teacher Mr. Bawalagga for this great ideas that we are now enjoying. My english is not so good still but i am so careful with it. 
You have a very beautiful name and here I will call myself Melinda also/
Me i have short and black hair. All my friends have short black hair. We shall send you our photos soon as we get our camera. Thanks to Mrs. Cindy. We shall bee happy to send you and her a gift also but i am not yet sure what we can send. I am telling my friends about it and they said it will be good. 


Hello Jack, 

How are you? How is your school? How is your country? I am sure you like your school because I saw it is a good school. How is it that you have many computers .  I am glad that i can do write well on a computer but i am so slow to look for the letters to type. I will learn with time. Is every one in your class able to use computer well? What are hamburgers like? They sound so tasty. We have something called jack-fruit, do you know it? I like it so much. Me i have no mum and dad but i have a sister and i go with her in the same school. I was surprised that each one of us could write in different colors but this was with help of our teacher. He could find for us colors that we enjoy and then we just write. 


For me i was all amazed that the computer can even find for us the right spellings if one made a mistake. We saw that a computer understands like a human.!! 
Yous, Elvis.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Student Letters

Dear Uganda friends, How are you? I'm fine. I can't wait till you get the iPod so we can see all the videos and pictures you send us! In my school we do a thing called battle of the books. Only 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders get to do it. What you do is you read lots of books and the teachers test you on them but you can only have 3 or 4 people in your group. My group is called the Lightning Dragons. I hope we can meet  in person someday! My name is Allison. I have a mom, dad and two sisters. I'm 8 but I'm about to turn 9. My birthday is March 19th. What is your favorite food? What is net ball?
                                                                                                                            Sincerely your friend,

 My favorite kind of food is ice cream, it is yummy.What are your favorite foods? What is Poshi?The thing you eat at lunch time with beans? It sounds pretty good.
           When I am a grown up I want to go to Uganda.It sounds fun!

Dear great friends,
My name is Kendall Moore. I am a girl with brown hair, green blue eyes, and glasses. I have a mom, dad, sisters, and brothers.
How have you been? We have been doing fine here but is has been cold, but no snow. Do you like to read? I do, we have been doing 
Battle of the Books.(BOB.) My battle team is the lightening dragons. Our players are Lucy, Allison, Rylie, and I am the capten. What kinds of foods do you love? I love corn dogs.

What type of animals do you have in Uganda?

We are doing battle of the books. It is when you read a portion of books and you have a team and the battle master (any teacher) asks you questions about the books. These are some of the books we read. Alvin Ho,The City of Ember,Diamond willow , Joey Pigza Swallowed the key, Keeping score, Masterpiece , Paint the wind , Poppy, Rapunzel revenge, Secret identity, Small steps and the Willoughbys.

Dear Uganda friends,
What are you up to? Right now I am writing a post to our blog. My name Jack what is your name? My favorite food are Hamburgers what is your favorite food? Have you heard of Battle of the Books? It is where you have 3 people on your team. Then you and your team have to read 16 books before the time runs out then you have to battle another team. 

Your friend, 

Hi my name is Melinda I am 8 years old. I love the color green.
Do you have long hair or short hair is it black or brown?

Hello Friends

Hi Friends,
We are so excited that your teacher has a computer to share with you! We think you are doing a very good job typing and writing to us and always look forward to seeing more. We have been busy with our state testing and getting ready for an art show.
Hope all is well with you.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

We are learnig to write on computer!!!

Hi everyone, I am Linda,
I am really very happy that I can write to you. I am using my teacher's computer. I am not perfect yet but with time I will. Today I have been seeing every thing you posted and I am excited. I have a gift for Mrs. Cindy ( a surprise)......

My name is Lillian. Thank you Mrs. Cindy for this great work. I am learning how to write on computer. Do all you children know how to use a computer? How many do you have at your school? Am praying that our teacher will get us our own computer in the class.

I am eating Posho and beans, but i like fish and Matooke (green bananas.) What are you eating over there? Say hi to everyone. ( By Josephine.)

It is very hot here today!! What is the weather like in USA. I wish we can meet one day. Is it easy for you to come to Uganda with your teachers? We just wish to see you over here. We shall dance for you. I know it is hard for you to dance like we did but if you come we shall teach you how to dance.
I love my teacher Mr. Bawalagga and Mrs. Cindy. Tell her that we all love her so much because it is because of her that we are here to learn a computer.
Your friend,
Ronald. The drums we use to play music.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Letters From USA Students

Dearest friends,
I would like to try a  green banana. Pizza {peets-za} is good. You can have it with peperoni, bacon, pineapple, and sausage. Have you ever tried ice cream? I have it is good. I have a mom and a dad. I have herd on the blog that some of you guys and girls have no mom or dad. I like the game halo { hey-lo}. What do you like? 
Sincerely Caleb.
P.S. Live a good life!

My name is Brooklyn. What is it like in Uganda?

    Dear Uganda friends,
I am Kambree. I am a girl. I wish we can see you in real life. So my friend Delaney and I are saving money so we can come and see you some day! We can maybe video chat you guys some day as a class. It will be so much fun! I wish we could just come and see you right now and also bring you guys money to buy the food that we eat.

I would like to see you too! My favorite food is apple sauce. Have you tried apple sauce? 
     Our school does not teach dance. But the girls, at recess do dance.
      What is your school like?
   Computers are a screen with letters that you press. Then you press the letters you want for that word. 
On a computer you also can play games.
    We also have a huge library. I like the books we can read.
Your Friend,

Hi my name is Anders. 
At school we are learning fractions in math. One of the most popular foods in America is a hamburger. I am 8 years old. We watched you guys dancing on the blog. You are really good! We tried to do it but you guys are a lot better then us. In our school we are also doing Battle Of The Books. It's where you pick a team and your team has to read 16 books. Then they ask you questions about the books. Each question is worth 5 points.You have to get 40 points in 2 battles. If you don't get 40 points then you do not move on. If you win most of your battle you go to the finals.

My name is Lucy. Do you know what an Iditarod race is? It is when you enter the Iditarod race and you are on a sled with dogs pulling you!
Mrs. Schimel is letting us pick our favorite racer/person, I am choosing Dee Dee Jonrowe! I think it is really cool that we can communicate!!!!   
What is your favorite color! Mine is yellow! Do you do sports there? How do you dance like that? Can you teach us? Have FUN!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hey Mrs. CINDY,
On behalf of my friends at Great Valley, we send you greetings and we are so happy for you. we pray that we shall be able to meet some day. Thank you for our beautiful camera. we shall get it soon. (BY NAMUDDU SHAKIRA P.6)