Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello friends.

Hello our friends,
We hope you are still fine. We think you are now busy because our teacher said that. It has been raining so heavily these two days. Has it been raining in your school like here?
The teacher said you even get snow in your country, do you like it so much?

Namuddu Shakira.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Logan and Florence meeting

Hello Logan,
 Hi, it is Florence, i am with my  friends: Left to right (standing) is Shaimira, Ronald, Linda, Rafah and Jane
Left to right ( Squatting) is me - Florence, Diana, Shakira and Lillian.

You said you like kick ball but me i like dnacing and singing. I am so good at dancing and it is my favorite.

To Rosie by Rose

Hello Rosie,
My name is ROSE NANSIMBI and i was so amazed seeing you on the camera.!!! I can see you have no dust at your school. We have a ot of dust here but we water the compound almost every day except when it rains.
A computer is such an amazing thing, it can even tell when you make a mistake in a word!! Do you like computers? I have really liked it so much.
What do you play at your school? Here we play football and netball. You said you like reading, yes, I also like reading but I do not read always because i do not have many books to read so sometimes I play netball. You are like you do not know netball but my teacher is going to send you a video when we are playing netball.

To Rosie by Rose.

Hello Tucker and Aiden.

Hey Tucker, I am Tracey,

How are you? How great that i can write to you in the computer!! It  was not easy for me to write fast and my friend has done a lot to remove the poor spellings.
I will be perfect soon if i continue using a computer. It is such an interesting thing to write on. I was able to see all the things you do in your class and on valentines day.
Do you know jack fruits? I like eating them so much. If you come to Uganda, I will get you some jack fruits.

Bye my dear friend.

Hello Aiden, my name is Araphat. It was so interesting for me to begin writing with a computer!! Everything you want you can write on a computer. Do you love a computer also?
So amazing that we are friends now.

Do you know a crested crane? It is my favorite bird in Uganda.

Hello Devan and James.

Hi Lindsay,
My name is Rabiha, I also like dancing so much. I wish you came to our school and we dance together. Our school has the best dancers in our area and we won the competition. What kind of dances do you do in your school? Do you go for dance competition? I wish we can come and dance for your teachers too.

By Namakula Rabiha.

Hi James and Devan,
Our names are Alex and Ivan. We are great friends and we love playing football together. We are on our school team. We sleep together at our school. Do you have close friends at your school? Do you also sleep at school. How is our lovely teacher Mrs. Cindy? Who are the other teachers at your school. We see you have a very beautiful school than ours.

Today we studied about ratios and they have been interesting!! What are you studying in your class?

Alex and Ivan.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Olivia and Siara.

Hello, this is your new friend, Prosy. I love teaching my friends and I wish to become a teacher if i get chance to finish my studies. What do you want to become when you finish school.
Above I was illustrating to my class about the physical features of Africa. I like Social studies so much. What do you study at your school? Our class has many students, we are about 68 in our class. How many are you in your class. I love to see our new lovely teacher, Mrs. Cindy. Do you love her too? Say hello to her for me.


Patrick- Caled, meeting Reagan - Rogers.

Dear our lovely friends, Caleb and Patrick.
It is Reagan and Rogers, we are so glad that we have met. We have loved our project. Thanks to my lovely teachers, Mrs. Cindy and Mr. Bawalagga. We just wish to meet over with you. I (Reagan) like football so much, I wish to become a great footballer. Me (Rogers), I like playing football too. What do you like doing in your spare time?
I wish you all the best time. Say hey to all our new friends in your class- Devan, Adree, Tucker, Rosie, Logan, Olivia, Siara, Jacob, Rylie, Ethan, Ryatt (R-Y-A-T-T)
Patrick and Caleb.

To Mrs. Cindy.

Hello Mrs. Cindy,
We are so glad to share our love with you and your class. I feel so proud because of you and my teacher here. I would like to teach your class how to dance like we do here. We have dances that are simple and interesting. If there was a way, i would begin by teaching you and then the third grades at your school.
My teacher will teach me how to send a video and you see how we dance at my school.
I am in our school choir and it is doing so well.
Bye dear Mrs. Cindy and thank you for our lovely camera. It is so beautiful. I also wish to send you a simple gift but my teacher will help me send it.

By Nakazzi Nulu.

Hello Madaline.

It has been my first time to use a computer but it is so interesting!!! You do not need to use a lot of energy. Do you love a computer like me?
Please send my greetings to Mrs. Cindy.
To my new friend, Madeline. You have a very nice name.
By Daphine.

Hello great friends.

Hello Allision, it is Linda saying hi. We are so glad that we have such an awesome project. I am not yet able to use a computer because I only get to touch it for a short time. We were going to write to you on Saturday but we did not have the computer. Great that you have many computers there at your school. I am just very slow to find the letters on the computer. Just wishing to get computers at Great Valley. How is Mrs. Cindy, say hi to her and everyone.
 Shakira and Linda.

Hey Kendal, hi, my name is Lillian, I was amazed seeing a very beautiful school you have, a very nice compound and swings. I like the swings so much. We also have some swings at our school. Hello to you and your friends.
By Lillian........................

Hey Rylie, how are you? You have a nice name. i like it so much. Do you also know how to type on a computer. 
We are just learning how to write on a computer and it is taking us long because it is for a short time before they take it back to the owner. Do you have many computers at your school? How is Mrs. Cindy and you all? I wish you come to our school and we dance for you. I am so good at dancing and if you saw the video that my teacher sent to you, I was one of the  dancers and I got a T- Shirt as one of the best dancers.
Do you also dance there at school?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting to Know You

Hi my dear friend NAMUDDU SHARKIRA, You seem like an amazing peorson! I'm also a girl I have long brown hair and brown eyes. Netball seems really cool! If we meet someday we should play netball and yes I do know how to dance. In the US there are dance teachers. I'm one of them who dance. Last year my team made it to the Nationals! Yes I know bananas I also love them! I want to take a picture of me but I have a computer at my house that I'm texting on so I can't take a picture. If you look at a girl named Kendall's writing then you can see a picture of me. I'm the one with the pink and blue dress. I do a sport called basketball it is when you bounce the ball and try to make a hoop. I also really love the food cheese! It is orange colored and is really good! What is your favorite song mine is I Want by One Direction. If you can you should search it up! Bye for know your friend, Allison.

Dear Uganda friends, My birthday is coming up mine is March 19th. I will be glad to try to text to you and tell you how it is going. When is your Birthday? Your friend, Allison.

Lillian and Friends

Dear friends and Lillian,
How are you doing friends I am doing great. All of the kids in our class know how to use computer. does your class know how too use them too? In our class we have 32 kids. We our doing really well in our class.
Dear Friends
From Madeline

What a world of opportunities!!

We are just so much delighted, we feel like jumping over to come and say thank you. It is only God that can bless you for the blessings you have given to our dear children. We shall be able to post more as we get used to the functionality of the nice modern  camera we got.