Thursday, April 16, 2015

Locusts in Uganda.

Locusts are so bad, they can eat all our crops. They move together in a group called Swam. They lay eggs and then breed new young locusts. They can eat all the green herbs where they pass. Yes, they migrate through Africa, because Africa has warm weather that can support them to grow well. They undergo three stages of growth. They lay eggs, then breed into nymph and finally adults again.
We kill them by spraying when they come to the gardens. Have they ever come to your gardens?
They migrated to Uganda when I was not born and they crossed Lake Albert but most of them died and the people named this lake Mutanzige. 
 From your Ugandan friend,


Yes, we have heard about locusts so many times. We call them "NZIGE" in our local language.
We study about them in science as some of the pests that eat our crops.  They undergo incomplete metamorphosis . They are so dangerous indeed. These days they are not so common in our area because people spray them especially farmers when they come. When they come they can eat every green plant they come across. I know of only one plant they cannot eat because it is so bitter. Actually I do not know that plant in English but in Luganda, it is called "OMULULUZA".
Yes, it is true that they migrate through Africa. Our teacher told us that because most parts of Africa never get winter, the climate is suitable for their life.  So many years back, those locusts migrated from Democratic Republic of Congo into Uganda but many of them died as they tried to cross the Albert Lake in Uganda and this lake was named "MUTANZIGE" . The word "Mutanzige" means "killer of the locusts."
Many people who have not  gone to school cannot know much about locusts and other pests.
What other pests do you study about? At our school we study about many pests like Locusts, Grasshoppers, ants, termites, caterpillars and many others. 


Monday, April 6, 2015

From Lea

     Hey my class learned about locusts and that they migrate. Sometimes they migrate through Africa. Have you had an experience with locusts? I hear you were wondering about our Easter and how it was. It was good,Kasen got 12 eggs and I Lea got 55 eggs and a lot of money. We have a school talent show.  We are still thinking about doing it. 
How was your Easter?


     We read your blog post and wanted to answer your question about our Easter.  We had a Easter egg hunt. If you don't know what a Easter egg hunt is, a Easter egg hunt is where people put plastic eggs, or if you believe in the Easter bunny, the Easter bunny puts plastic eggs in a hidden spot and you try to find them. They have candy or toys in them. We also read a story of migration and we heard that sometimes locust go through Africa and we want to know if they go through Uganda. Will you please write back and let me know? 
Thank you,
Tommy and Gage

From Aubrey and kyah

Dear friends ,
How are you doing? We are doing good. Last week we read a story about migration and it said locusts go across Africa. Have you experienced locusts in Uganda? We had a good Easter. Did you? 

Hi I am Aubrey. When it was Easter I got to go to my friend's house and we ate dinner (which was really good) and we had a Easter egg hunt with 550 eggs(everybody got 25 eggs). 

Hi, I'm Kyah and for Easter I went to my friends house and I got pineapple upside down cake it was a lot of fun. How was your Easter?

Claire and Freddie

Hi I just got your posts from you and I am glad that you like the cards we sent you. We all love the notes on the blog you sent us. I loved seeing the pictures of you reading the cards. We read a book about migration and there was a story telling us about locust and they said they go though Africa so we were wondering if you have ever seen a locust migrate. Me and my friend Freddie had a great Easter, Freddie had Easter dinner with her family and friends and Freddie's family got a new new puppy day before Easter and the puppy's name is Max. I had family breakfast at Wild horses casino and I got three stuffed animals one is a bunny,duck, and another bunny I also went Easter egg hunting and I found 15 Easter eggs.

From Claire and Freddie

Hello Uganda friends

Hey I  saw on the blog that you got our mail. I am happy you liked it. We learned about locusts in school and I would like to now if they go throw Uganda? If they went throw Uganda that would be bad because we learned they could eat everything in sight, like gardens.

Do you know what track is? I am doing track now.  It is a really fun sport to do.  It is where you get to run around the track and do some other events like the long jump and the shot put. 

My Easter was great. We did so many fun things like, had dinner at my gramma's house and played with her dog called Misty. 

Your friend,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello LILLI.

Hello LILLI, thank you for sending me a nice card. I love it so much and was happy to read. My name is Zahara and I am a jolly girl, anyway it is my teachers and friends who tell. 
You are good at drawing than I am. At school, my best sport is netball. I like mathematics and English. My best subject is actually English and can always get  good marks. You look so nice and your dad. 
Say hello to him and your mum. 
How is Miss Cindy and other people in your class?
I wish you a very nice  Easter. Do you like to go out on Easter?
Your  friend in Uganda,