Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We have a new custodian. He is working for our regular custodian for a couple weeks. He's a jokester.
The blocks in our classroom spell be amazing. He will mess around with them and put them out of order and we never notice it. Today I noticed it and told Mrs. Cindy and we decided to get him back.
To get him back we our going to put fake bugs everywhere to scare him.

From your USA friend,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green Screen Summer

At school we use a green screen and So far we used for fact and fable. Soon we will use it for our reading groups. I really like the green screen in our classroom?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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A Note For Deborah

Hi Deborah,
Our names are Lane, on the right ---->, and Derrick, on the left <----, in the picture above. In school Derricks favorite subject is math and Lanes is reading. What is your favorite subject? We like to read about snakes. We have gardener snakes, rattle snakes, and bull snakes where we live. We have four seasons, spring, Summer, fall and winter. We are in Spring right now it is in the months March through June and we get lots of rain. It is in the 60 degrees farenheight. Do you like to read about snakes? What kinds of snakes do you have where you live? We can't wait to hear from you again ! {:-)
Your Friends,
Lane and Derrick

Sabirye Sharif

     Hi Sabirye Sharif,
     How are you doing today? It's me, Phillip again, and I have got some questions for you. Do you have dogs? My friends and I are wondering if you do. We have dogs and cats and all sorts of animals that are awsome. I forgot to tell you how old I am. I am 9 years old, how old are you?
What kind of food do you eat? Oh I forgot don't you eat matooke? To me, it looks like bananas and they look really good.
By Phillip 

Dear Deborah,

Dear Deborah,
Hi, Our names are Ashley and Chloe and we are going to tell you about us. My name is Ashley and I have long brownish and blackish hair and Chloe has a little bit of brown hair and a little bit of blond hair. Chloe brings her own lunch from her house and I eat at school and my favorite food is chicken burgers. Chicken burgers is chicken shaped in a circle between two breads. Do you have a favorite food? Do you have chicken burgers at Uganda?  Chloe's favorite animal is dogs and she has 3 dogs, 2 cats and 8 fishes. Do you have a favorite animal? Ashley's favorite animal is hamsters and she has 2 cats, 2 dogs and 3 fishes. Do you have those animals in Uganda? Ashley's animal is a hamster because they are so fluffy and chubby and Chloe's Favorite animal is a dog because there soft cute and clever. Why is your favorite animal that animal? 

 Ashley's favorite sport is American football because it is fun and I like kicking and catching. Football is where there is two teams going against each team and you try to get the ball i the goal. Chloe's favorite sport is American basket ball because its fun and athletic. Basket ball is when you have two teams against each other like football but you cant kick it and you try to throw the ball into a basket but its not like a easter basket it is like a hoop up high and you have to throw it high up. What is your favorite sport? Do you have thoes sports there in Uganda? Ashley's favorite color is red because its bright and shiny. Chloe's favorite color is orange because its the color of the sunset. What is your favorite color? Ashley's color of her eyes are brown and Chloe's color of her eyes are greenish. What is the color of your eyes?
                                                                                             Ashley and Chloe

Oaks Testing

Dear Uganda friends,
At school we do a test called Oaks testing. Oaks Testing is a huge test that you have to do. The whole State of Oregon has to do the test. The test is for 3rd grade all the way to the end of high school. The test is only in the category of math and reading. In our class we get mints before we do our Oaks testing because scientists say that mints help your brane get focussed. But we don't need to finish test in one day.
Your USA friends Aubrey, Riley and Summer

Free Time

Dear Uganda friends,
How are you doing? We are doing fine. What we like to do during our free time is baseball and tag. To play baseball the pitcher will throw the ball to you and you have to swing and try to hit the ball. You get 3 tries. If you miss all 3 you are out. But if you hit the ball you have to run to first base. If the other team gets the ball and beats you to the base you are out. If the other team gets 3 outs you switch sides.
To play tag 1 person is it and they will chase everybody around and if you get tagged your it and you have to try to tag someone else.

From your USA buddies,
Luke, Mason, Connor and Clayson

Alexa and Amaya

Best Friends,
Hi my name is Alexa and my friend is Amaya. Do you have any animals that you like? We like pandas. They like bamboo. Bamboo is a plant that is hard to brake.

Our Flag


Dear Uganda friends,
We are going to tell you about the American flag. Our flag has 50 stars that represent all the states in America. The 13 stripes stand for the 13 original colonies. Red stands for blood, war, and courage, blue stands for Justus and freedom and white stands for being a good person and fixing our mistakes. Did you know all schools in Pendleton have a flag and have to take it down at night, then have to put the flag back up in the morning.
Your friends Dawson,Andrew, and Mitchell

Dear Uganda Friends

Dear Uganda friends,
My name is Dylan D and I'm going to tell you about fractions. Fractions are a good math topic to learn about and looks like this 2/6. And is a good tool to use for measuring stuff like measuring cups when we cook.

3 Friends

Dear Uganda friends,
Hi this is Aubrey, Riley and Summer. Aubrey is the one in the dark blue shirt. Riley is the one in the middle and Summer is the one with the glasses. We are all very good friends , we help each other out with hard problems, like when we feel upset and when we are having a bad day.
Who is your best friend in Uganda!


Dear Uganda friends,
How are you doing? We are doing fine. We heard you guys have lots of assemblies. We have an awards assembly every month. An awards assembly is where our teacher give us personal awards for our strengths.
It's fun but the best assembly of the year is the patriotic assembly. The patriotic assembly is an assembly where we celebrate our country and sing lots of songs.

From your USA friends,
Luke, Mason, Connor and Clayson

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tether Ball

Dear Uganda Friends,
This is our tether ball set. Tether ball is a game where there are two people hitting the ball back and forth but you have to try to get it over their head and all the way around the pole and it's a tether! You would win and try to play another person.
The rules are no stepping on the other side, no touching the string and no holding the ball.
Now you know how to play tether ball.

From your USA friends,
Luke, Connor, Mason, Clayson and Dylan

Hi, Jonah

I'm Riley and I'm doing fine. I'm in 3rd grade. We eat lunch at 11:15 and we eat a lot of different kinds of food like salad, carrots, sandwiches, with a drink.
 Mrs. Pat , Mrs. Susan and Ms. Cindy are doing well. How are you doing? Riley

Friday, April 4, 2014


Hi Friends,
My name is Olivia and I love caterpillars. We have lots of them here in the spring and summer. I put the information I knew about caterpillars into a movie. Please click the link to watch the movie I made about caterpillars. Hope you enjoy it!

Do you have caterpillars where you are? Hope you enjoyed the movie.
Your Friend,