Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We shall dance for you one day.

Here we were ready to perform for the visitors that came from the Local Council Division and they loved the magic in the dances! I love dancing so much and I hope when I grow up, I will be a great dancer. In the picture,  we were dressed to perform a dance called Rack Rack dance from Northern part of Uganda . We can explore the whole Uganda by just getting the dances of different tribes. I wish that you can come to Uganda and we dance for you. By the way, how is Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Harriet? I remember they came to our school and found us training but now we are so perfect. Do you also dance at your school? I love the band, do you have a band at McKay Creek Elementary School?

We Love Our Teacher so Much.

We love our teachers so much and they also love us so much. We always love to be with them and they give us a lot of care and comfort. Do you love your teachers? On left is teacher Fred and on right with me(Nevia) is Mr. Bawalagga Yaledi, my most loved teacher.

Friday, July 25, 2014


On left is my friend, Nulu and on the right it is me, Rabiha. We were recently dressed in the dancing constumes when we were going to perform at a zonal competition to select a school that will go on national competition. I hope we shall be able to go there.
How are you doing these days? It is long since I heard from you. I hope you are doing well. I really enjoy dancing and if you ever come to our school, i will be glad to teach you how to dance like i do.

How is our lovely teacher, Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Susan? Lov you so much,
Your friend in Uganda,

Monday, July 21, 2014

My first Vist to The NILE.

Hey friends, I took this photo when I went to visit the source of the Nile. The Nile is the longest river in Africa, and probably the longest in the world. I loved the tour around the falls and so I can now answer all questions related to this place where we went.

It was really a great day for me.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I loved the magic of the water.



It was really an amazing time for us when we went to see one of the falls on River Nile. Have you heard about this river? This is thought to be the longest river in the world. It starts in Uganda and runs through three countries until it finally drains into the North of Africa in the Mediterranean Sea. I wish you come and I take you to the Itanda falls. There are some many falls but some have been destroyed when the government is constructing the electricity power plants. 
I hope you like that sound of the water,
Your lovely friend in Uganda, 


We visited some of the falls found on River Nile, the world's longest river. Can you imagine that at that speed, it is said that the water takes about three months to reach its mouth in Mediterranean sea. I really enjoyed watching how water rushed dowm the falls. 
What falls do you have near you?
Your friend in Uganda,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

We love to play together.

If you got the chance to come to our school, we would love to teach you how to play these drums. Which kind of drums do you play at McKay School?

Testimony for our relationship.

Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for this great opportunity you gave our children to share with you. It was always our dream to find such great friends around the world, with whom we could share our ideas, challenges and experiences, but here we are! when I, Bawalagga - teacher at Great Valley visited Miss Cindy's class blog, I over joyed to see how she does her work with her children. I wondered how we could adopt the same but when we got this computer, things changed!
We have registered positive attitude about learning by our children. They feel at home always and I can realize that they are even more eager to learn more. We can now try to access learning resources from internet using our computer.

The joy we have cannot be expressed by writing, but we can simply say, THANK YOU ALL.

Bawalagga Yaledi,
Teacher - GVCC.

The Young Talents of Great Valley.

 I am Nevia, I love dancing and I love studying so much. I am in primary five and i am performing so well in the class. Last term I was second in examinations behind my friend, Bernard. I hope I can work so hard to keep the good grades. I am good at dancing and it is my favorite activity.

 Here we were singing a song about AFRICA and I think we shall be able to produce it one day.
we are two good friends, Sumayiya and Mercy. We are both good at dancing. Each of us thinks is better than the other. I was the best in last years competitions but Mercy has always been the best also.

For you Mrs. Susan.

 Hello friends, it is always a pleasure to write to you. I am Vivian once again. The joy I have is over my heart. When my teacher told me that he had got me a place in a high school, I felt the world had come down to me! How happy I am, you cannot tell. I now go to St Peters High School, and it was a school of my dream.
I was given the vacancy after he told them that I am good at dancing. The principal of the school decided to come and watch me during the last music and dance competitions we had and said I could now join him. It is one month now since joined the new school but I am even happy that I am challenging the old students.
Here in we were posing for a photo after the dance. 
We were ready for a dance, Mrs. Susan came to our school and found us training, but finally we were able to win the competitions. We are dressed in dancing costumes.

The Local Xylophone and the NGALABI drum.

Do you see how enjoyable drumming is? I love the way people drum that long drum. It is called ENGALABI in the local language. Above is me Katrina and in the next picture is our trainers playing the local Xylophone.

The Different Drums we have.

We have many drums at our school, when you want to learn how to drum, I can teach you. I love dancing and being in the choir. In the choir my role is always to drum and I can dance sometimes.
Your friend ,

I Can Now Drum & It is Fun.

Hey friends, how are you doing at school? I think you are in your holidays. We are still busy and we could not write to you until now. We have been writing many examinations recently. i am now in primary seven and I hope to do well in all the examinations. Do you have many examinations to finish before you join the high school? 
I the picture I was trying to learn how to drum. It is a local drum made in Uganda and it controls all other drums. It produces the highest pitch. At school we have won many drums whenever we win a competition. We have just won another competition in June. I do not really dance much but I love to learn more. My friends Vivian and Sharuwa have just won bursaries because of dancing, so I think it is good that I have also started the hard work. 
What are you doing during your summer holidays. In Uganda there is no summer holidays. It is always hot or rainy. But even still, the sunshine is not too much. 


Hello, how are you dear friends? We are really very happy! We just had music and dance competition and it was much fun when we got the first place out of 31 schools that participated. I loved the way we all worked together and how we surprised every one! Do you also have a dance group at your school? How is Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Susan?
We loved the video you sent us and I hope we can also send you some of the videos of our dances.

MERCY (Left) and in the Middle is Shamim and right is Carol. 


Hey friends, how are you these days? I think we have been silent for so long!! Oh, we have really missed writing to you. I hope you are all fine. How is Mrs. Cindy? We miss her so much. We love you all at McKay Creek. It sounds a very great school. One day I hope I can come and see you.
It is Sharuwa, at the middle of the behind line. I am recently so happy that next term I will also be joining the secondary school. I had no chance to start school immediately because I had no money but recently my teacher found for me a bursary at one school. I like dancing and I have been making a lot of training. I am nervous about what life will be like in a secondary school. But I know I will catch up easily.
I have spent much time using the computer you gave us and it is so great to me now. When i go to school again, I will not be a first time user and I bet I will challenge many people there.
How are the other teachers at your school?
Please send our sincere love to all people at your school.
Sharuwa. N.

Best friend Dancers.

Dear our favorite friends, how have you been recently? Here in Kampala we are fine and indeed very happy to be sharing with you again! It has been long time since we wrote to you but may be you have also been on holidays. We are three best friends, left to right is me, Vivian, Sharuwah and on right is Sumayiya. We all sat for our primary leaving examinations last year and indeed excelled very well, thanks to our caring teachers. We are wearing the dancing costumes when we were recently taking part in local music and dance competitions. It was so fun when we emerged as first best choir in the competitions. I (Vivian) was the best actor and Sumayiya was the best dancer and we all won prizes.
We really thank you for the love you have shown us because we have the courage because of you.
I wish you get the chance to come to our school and see how we dance. I know you will like it because all the people who have come to our school have always liked the dances and music.
Best to you all.
Your friends,
Vivian, Sharuwa and Sumayiya.