Friday, June 14, 2013

You have nice smiles!!

We are so proud of you our friends in the USA! We are now happy to be using our iPod camera! It is really fun to use! Thank you so much our friends. We have learned how to take the photos and videos.

How is school now? We are in term two here and things are interesting. How is Mrs. Cindy? we have been talking about her in our class.

We saw the photos you posted on  the blog but they look so beautiful. We are so happy to be part of you.
(By Nantambi Lilian)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here We are in our school uniform and in class hours.

This time we were in class. It was time for doing an exercise. How often do you take exercises? Everyday we have to write exercises in most of the subjects. 

Some of my  friends who stay at school throughout while they are playing at school on Saturday.

Raising up the arm is me Patricia and my friend Namubiru on the right, while giving an answer to the questions in class.
Here we won the zonal net ball competition and we were awarded the jersey we are putting on and that ball as well! It was so great for our school! We shall represent the division on the district level in July.
Here is me (Namuddu Shakirah ) with twisted hair. How are you friends?
I saw you had a nice class, our class seems congested than yours so I always want to enter  early in class to find a place and desk to sit on. Do you ever get such in your class when the desks are not enough? What do you use to sit on in your class.

In the front is me(Aisha) while discussing for my friends about the early Missionaries in Uganda.

Take a Look at Some of our Photos we Took with the Lovely iPOD