Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Girls' Day

Many people think going to school is obvious but this not true, however it takes a lot of courage and support; not only financial but also mental and moral support to the young generation. The wave of challenges they face especially in developing world has seen many of them drop out of schools. The girl child especially in Uganda faces a lot of oppression and so many discontinue with studying. Petty things have landed our dear young girls into problems with selfish men especially in slums like ours.
Many young girls especially 14 to 18 years have been deceived by people with simple gifts to woo them from the right channel of education; but remember my young generation, that is just short -lived, many good things are in the future so value the opportunity of education.

We have organized a seminar that will take place on the 18th of November and we shall have many speakers from Christ the King Church , Victory Church, Hon. Maria Kagimu, Child Need Africa and many local leaders and gospel artists. We expect a lot of advice from them ,so do not miss.
Inform all friends.

By Ronah, Senior Woman
Great Valley Children's Center.

Life had not come to an end.

When my teacher told me that life cannot end until it ends, I did not understand what he really meant. Last year I sat for my primary leaving examinations and I thought that was the end of life because I did not have hope that one day I will ever go to school again because our school goes only up to primary seven. So I wondered how and what I could do thereafter but there is a Living God that has enabled me to go to school in this new year.
I will always be grateful to my teachers for the love and care.


Monday, September 15, 2014

A Great Opportuinty in my Life.

Oh GOD, this day has been so great for me. I thought studying had ended last year after I sat for my primary Leaving examinations but I thank GOD and my teacher, Mr. Bawalagga Yaledi for his effort to find me a sponsor who will take me through my O- level secondary level for 4 years. This is my a very great opportunity for me. God always help me and I know I will achieve more in my life.

Thank you all our friends for inspiring us,

Your friend in Uganda,