Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello Kendall,
How are you now. Yes, our teacher had told us that you were busy with testing and conferences. I hope you have finally got some time to rest. We have also had a lot of testing but I  am happy that I performed so well. I  was the third in Mathematics, having got 90% as average and 96% in English and then 89% in Science and 87.5% in Social studies. For this, I was the second over all.

Our swings are just the two slides and one for sitting and another person pushes you from the behind.
I  think it is so fun always to talk to you.


Dear Andy,
Thank you  for writing to me. It has been long when we get no computer to write on but now we are happy it is here today. I think sledding is funny. Here I can call it sliding if i am right. But at my school you can never like sliding because it is just mud around and no one can like to play in the mud.

I am sure snow is nice to play in. The rain you get seems to be just cool but here it is so terrible some days. Just the week of Easter, almost one class fell down but we were lucky that it was only the roof that went off but it was put back so immediately.
Just to teach you a little, OLI OTYA means how are you? If you want to say that I am fine, just say GYENDI. 

Your friend,

Hello friends in USA.

Dear friends,
Hi,  this is Linda. I am just to excited to get back to the computer. I cannot tell how good I feel about this opportunity to write to you people.
Thank you  for writing to us again. How is Mrs. Cindy? Please say hey to her. We are so proud of you and her. I think we are so lucky in our area to know you. My friend called Mary goes to another school but she misses to come to our school but her school is so beautiful but she now likes my school more because we can write to you.



Dear Rosie,
I am fine. How are you there? Thank you for writing to us. We really like the project we have with you. Even the D.I.S was at our school last we to see what we are doing with you. We showed him our camera and told him how we got it. I also used it to take a picture of him and I was happy. We also took a group photo with him. You can even tell Mrs. Cindy about his.

Oh, we do not water the compound every time but only when  there is a lot of dust. Our compound is made of bare soil so when  there is a lot of sunshine, there is also a lot of dust but when it rains so much, again there is a lot of mud. We can water it twice a day when there is lots of dust. Sometimes it is three times that we have to pour water in the compound. Do you ever water your compound also? But my teacher said you do not. That your school compound is cemented  so you get no dust. Really you cannot like the dust that we get here. It even leads to flu and cough so these  two are common diseases that we get at our school. Even now I am suffering from flu but do not worry, it is not so serious now. I am just recovering. Let me not write much  my friend Linda also wants to write now. She is on my neck to leave..... She is funny.

Sorry, D.I.S means Division Inspector of Schools in our area.

Yours, ROSE.

Dear Allison.

Dear Allison,
I am fine here in Uganda at Great Valley. How is school there in the USA? It  is great that you like to dance. It is my favorite, I like dancing so much. I was sick the whole of last term and I was unable to communicate with you people. It is a great opportunity to be part of this program. I was the best in dances before I got sick and now I have just begun training again. I June we shall also have another Music and dance competition and looking forward to performing so well.
No, I do not play softball. What is it like? I wish we can also play it here. We are so good in net ball and every day we train.
I just think I can also like the snow but here we never get snow. At times here it only rains so heavily  and sometimes it shines so heavily.  During the  Easter, it rained so so so so much and p.1 class lost the roof and the kitchen was half way in water!! How does it rain at your school?
By the way, what is Red Sox? I think it is so nice. I wish you the best in your Friday dance competition.

Your friends at Great Valley,


Do you really know who puts everything on the computer?

Hey, sorry that we have not been in touch recently. We have also been on testing like you. I have been imagining how good using a computer is!! Did you ever realize that this is so awesome! Imagine there is every thing we want to see. Our teacher showed us lots of things on the computer!! We even have things to do with Uganda, can you imagine who puts these things on the computer that you can just find them there?

Next time there is something I want to learn on the computer. I want to find out the longer rivers,  big lakes and highest mountains we have in the world. We have it in our next topic  in social studies and if I find them before we study in class, I will be glad. I already know one river called the Nile, found in Uganda and it is one of the longest but some people say it is the longest.

Nalwanga Susan.

Maths Millionaire

Oh, this is a great thing to try. I have also tried the math millionaire and I found it so interesting. I just had little time because my friends also wanted to use the computer and we only  access it for a short time, only  when the teacher brings it. If we had a computer, I think I would always use it. Maths is my best... In the mid- term examinations, we had three sets of tests and I scored 97%, 94% and 89%, making it 93% on average and this was the best mark followed by Lillian who had 91% average.

Next time I get chance I will visit the maths millionaire again.
Thank  you so much and say hello to Mrs. Cindy, that we love her so much and we are always proud of her.
By Nakubulwa Diana.

Dear friends, thank you for getting back to us. We have also been a bit busy with the testing but they are done.
I just did not get the chance to try the maths millionaire but I guess it is so fun. My friend called Diana had a chance to try it and she was great!!

By your Ugandan friend,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Water the Compound

Dear Uganda,

It is Rosie .Yes I do like computers . We play football,soccer ,basketball and tag. I like to play basketball and tag.
How many times do you have to water the compound?

Dear Friends

Dear Uganda friends,
How are you? I'm good. Snow is awesome just that it's really cold! I like to make snowman and have a snowball fight. Our school was good drums I guess. Do you know how to play Softball? I do and I'm on the Red Sox. I also love to dance like you! I'm going to Boisy for a dance competition on Friday 4-26-13. I'm in 3 dance groups but 1 of them ended already. How are you doing? Bye my friend for now. From, Allison.

Namudda Shakira

It has been raining a little bit but not as bad as yours. I love snow my favorite thing to do in it is go sledding. Sledding is where you get on a sled. A sled Is a thing that is flat and is slippery so you can go down a hill really fast. You get on the sled and push and you go flying down. I like to put oil on the sled so you can go faster.
Your friend, Andy

Lillian and Friends

Dear Lillian,
What do your swings look like? Do some people miss use them?
Some people miss use ours. They get in trouble by the teachers.
I will try to talk to you more. Sorry we have not been on. We had conferences.
From, Kendall

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Math Millionaire

KM is happy because she just completed a game called, Math Millionaire.
She had to answer math questions one after another, each increasing her total
score. She was able to answer all the questions correctly so she won the
game, Math Millionaire. See if you can access the site at:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

R-A- C- K - R- A- C- K D- A- N- C- E.

An amazing dance, called RACK RACK DANCE from Northern Uganda. In hands are the local calabashes that back up the drum sound. Need watch it.......