Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Miss Cindy and friends.

Dear Miss Cindy,
My name is Nulu and I have many friends like Namakula Rabiha, Nada, Reagan, Samiha (we call her BIG because she is fat).
We love you so much at our school. We read your letter sometimes and we get so happy. I think you are like Mr. Bawalagga, our teacher. He also loves teaching us and also being with us all the time. He loves the young children in school and if he is not at school I feel bad because he teaches me maths very well. Our teacher tells us interesting stories in our classes. You really must like him. 
I am so thankful to you Mrs. Cindy and your friends for loving us. Thank you for everything you do. Our teacher says you have just begun school and here we are about to end the year. Christmas is coming up soon and I love it. I pray that I will be able to send my friends a gift,

Your friend in Uganda

How to Pass Mathematics.

I discovered the trick to pass mathematics than never.; My teacher always told me never to be negative about this subject; he told me to solve at least ten numbers a day; use my friends before using the teacher but this has been the story to my success in mathematics. To all you my friends who think mathematics is hard, try my trick and you will not regret.

By Namuddu Florence.