Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hello Big Friends in USA

My name is Madrine and I am in primary five. It is my first time to write to you but I have found it enjoying.
Which class are you in now? What do you like to eat?
How did you spend your Easter Sunday in USA? We had a big party on Good Friday and we had a lot of dances. Our class was the last but we were also good.
Primary four was the best performers of the day.
Do you have a music class or group at McKay Creek? I wish we can come at perform at your school.
Who is your other teacher? Can you imagine we only know Miss Cindy! We have many teachers at our school. My best teacher is teacher Bawalagga Yaledi but at school we call him MTC because we likes to teach us mathematics and he encourages us so much. Math is actually my best subject.

What are you studying now?
My other teachers are Mr. Bernard, Mr. Edward, Mr. Bosco, and Ms. Sarah.

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