Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hi sweet friends,
What are you up to now? So long without writing to you on the blog. Oh, we have done a lot of tests and  examinations since the year begun. We have many activities in the term and we could not find some time to write to you. Because we are so  many on the computer,  we cannot easily share it.
How  many are you in your class now?
Can you imagine we are so many  many in our classroom. Sometimes you just have to stand because you cannot not find some free space to sit in.  I sit with seven children on a desk  and you feel bad when they push you. Do you use a desk also? My teacher does not want me to sit with my  best friends on the same desk because we can talk a lot. I like mathematics so much and also English.
I like to dance, and play netball. By the way, we worn the divisional Netball Trophy for the sixth time in order.
What do you like to play?
From your friend,

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